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All 27 Levels 2-10 Reading Comprehension Workbooks

All 27 Levels 2-10 Reading Comprehension Workbooks
All 27 Levels 2-10 Reading Comprehension Workbooks

27 titles, 9 levels, 3 books at each level, 27 books shipped to your location.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Series. Ignite the interest of your reluctant reader and rekindle the enthusiasm of your accomplished one with these high-interest Reading Comprehension Workbooks. Each book includes 10 original, exciting and informative short stories that cover a broad range of topics such as Tales of Adventure, Science, Biographies, Tales of Fantasy, and Interpersonal Relationships. Multi-cultural and non-sexist guidelines have been observed to provide reading material for a wide population. New vocabulary is defined and used in context. Pronunciation entries are from Thorndike Barnhart's Advanced Dictionary. Students learn how to preview and survey through a preview question by focusing on key sentences and/or paragraphs designed to teach essential skills. Each lesson illustration is intended to add interest to the story and to assist the reader in understanding the selections, plot, and character development. Each of the 27 Workbooks: May be used on a consumable basis or reproduced for class usage; Is divided into 10 short stories; Was written using McGraw-Hill's Core Vocabulary; Has been measured by the Fry Readability Formula; Includes 100 comprehension questions that test for main idea, critical thinking, inference, recalling details and sequencing; Has 60 vocabulary exercises in modified Cloze format; Includes complete answer keys for comprehension and vocabulary exercises; 64 pages per book with illustrations in every chapter.

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