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Lifeskills Audiobooks

Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED2000
All 8 Children's Life-skills Audiobooks provided as instant MP3 Downloads.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AN AUDIO SAMPLE. Fun Training for Children Anger Management Program Study Skills for Children Using Limits and Consequences Developing Talking Skills Responsibili..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED580
This audio DOWNLOAD teaches children the steps of anger avoidance, physical things to do when mad, and verbal things to say out loud. Self-talk to lessen anger, the "turtle technique" and "assertiveness training" are also explained. The goal is to teach children constructive ways to manage thei..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED820
Audio MP3 DOWNLOAD - Classmate and friend Melissa, a high school student has died. Her peers struggle to make sense of her early death. An explanation about the dynamics of death and dying are discussed. Develops self-awareness about death and grief and teaches the stages of death and dying. Grades 6-12...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED2020
Audio DOWNLOAD - Improve your talking skills and teach children better talking/speaking habits. Topics include non-verbal behavior, speaking styles, voice control and response patterns. Adults and children will benefit from this program. A must for all who work with young children...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED510
This audio DOWNLOAD helps children learn how to find and create fun things to do either by themselves or with other children. Using a series of questions and examples children are taught a framework for future use. An excellent program for children who are bored, shy or just don't know what to do to have fun. ..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED2040
This audio DOWNLOAD explains how fears are learned and how they can be controlled or "unlearned". A number of activities and techniques for controlling fears are reviewed: individual and group discussion, peer demonstration, emotional imagery and role playing...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED810
Audio MP3 DOWNLOAD - OH, NO, BILLY FOX IS DEAD? Billy Fox was killed in an accident. His friends deal with anger, sadness, rage, bargaining and denial. Concepts discussed include unconscious feelings, trade-off, grief, work and active mourning. Grades 6-12...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED800
Audio MP3 DOWNLOAD - PUFF THE CAT, WON’T WAKE UP! Designed to help elementary school children and their families cope with questions and answers regarding death and dying. Concepts discussed include life cycle, death, normal grief, bargaining, replacement and anger. Elementary...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED2030
This audio DOWNLOAD answers the question, "Why aren't you more responsible?" Tips on teaching self-management and decision making, ideas and meaningful suggestions on how to teach responsibility are given. A must for all resource centers, in-service programs, teachers, counselors, parents...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED600
Audio Download MP3. This general purpose program introduces the 5 step procedure for relaxation. Purposes and benefits are discussed and follow along examples provided. Can be used for individual or group settings. Appropriate for any age...
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED630
This audio DOWNLOAD is designed to help children get organized and to develop study skills that will enable them to perform better in school. In getting organized, the child needs to have a clear handle on assignments, set priorities (goals), schedule time to work on the tasks, and work out agreements (contracts) ..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED2010
This audiobook will teach you to manage children using limits and consequences. Organizational patterns of families are reviewed. Limits for managing behavior of children are discussed and eight practical techniques for effective usage of limit setting are reviewed. When to set limits, how to set them and importan..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: ED610
This audio DOWNLOAD describes ways in which children can get along better with parents and other adults. "Winning ways for children" includes emotional awareness training (EAT), winning behavior approaches, communication awareness training (CAT), arranging schedules with parents and developing agreements..
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