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Romeo and Juliet

Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: EDSC202MP3
Digital Audiobook MP3, listen on any audio MP3 capable device computer, smartphone, tablets or iPod.This 10 chapter audiobook introduces great literature while improving listening skills. Expertly paced narration and exciting sound effects keep interest high. Includes a word-for-word reading directly from the chap..
Brand: EDCON Publishing Group Model: EDSC202EB
Click here to view a sample PDF.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AN MP3 AUDIO SAMPLE.Reading Level 2.0-3.0. This high-interest read-along eBook PDF and audio MP3 has been adapted into 10 short chapters aimed at introducing students to great classic literature, while improving comprehension, vocabulary and flue..
Model: EWSC202
PDF eBook DOWNLOAD Reading Level 2.0-3.0 This high-interest / low-readability 10-chapter book is designed to excite the reluctant and enthusiastic reader while improving comprehension, vocabulary skills and fluency. The integrity of the original work has been retained yet converted into a novel type form..
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