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Vowels to the Rescue: Short O

Vowels to the Rescue: Short O
Vowels to the Rescue: Short O

Printable PDF activity sheets with playable MP3 audio files.  For use on all capable computers, whiteboards, tablets and mobile devices.

 Vowels to the Rescue: Short O

Swim through the sea of phonics instruction with lessons that concentrate on the long and short sounds of the vowels. Lively audio introductions set the stage for the vowel sound to be studied. Dramatization and humorous stories heighten interest. Students are guided through written exercises grouped around specific vowel sounds, while enjoying skill-building games, rhymes, puzzles and secret messages. Self-directing and self-correcting lessons provide for individualized or small group instruction. Each of the 12 downloadable e-lessons includes an audio playable file for all capable MP3 players, viewable-printable PDF student activity sheets and complete teacher's guide with applicable answer keys.

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